Corstat Longevity

How long can you expect a Corstat In-Plant Handler to last? That’s a question that is asked of us frequently.

The totes are rugged and meant to last a long, long time.


How long? The picture above is the box certification from a tote that was manufactured and purchased in December of 1995 and is still in use today. The ESD properties are permanent. In a closed loop system you can expect many, many years of physical protection. As long as you don’t “beat them up or run them over” you can count on CCI’s In-Plant handlers to be a long term solution. With the adjustability of the partitions they can be used for several products in production, storage or shipping.


Unique Kitting Tote

This unique tote was designed for kitting and handling of an assembly. The DuraStat style design features compartments on the top that are custom sized to fit each component that is required to build the complete assembly. A complete tote is released to manufacturing and a quick visual inspection assures that all the material is present to complete one build.


The DuraStat design style makes the tote extremely rugged and virtually indestructible. The stacking features make transport of several kits safe. The weight of the assembly required strong handles that could easily be grabbed. The bottom of the tote has a slot for the larger assembly components. All materials are ESD safe and by adding a cover the kitting tote can be safely transported outside of an ESD safe manufacturing area.

Once the tote is filled it is ready to go to the production floor.

FOD Friendly Foam Shadow Board Kitting

Using die cut foam for trays used in kitting and shadow board applications is a great solution. In the scenarios where FOD is a concern but foam is needed we have a solution to  negate as much of the foam FOD as possible. By lining the foam with our S680 inherently static dissipative, alcohol washable plastic it reduces the wear and tear by assemblies being put in and out of the cavities. This design shows a kitting solution using the lined foam trays.


Two trays stacked together complete the kit and at DT style tote is used to complete the design. A line bent snap on cover holds the kit together during transport and storage to complete the Faraday cage and eliminate FOD.


Oversized Totes

Material handling sometimes requires a tote size that is not readily available in the marketplace. CCI can make a DuraStat style tote in virtually any size that is required. 

By utilizing an aluminum extrusion on the top it give the totes exceptional strength.

All DT style totes can be interlocked using the corner stackers. 

We can add foam or KleanStat Flex Bubble to the inside for cushioning. 

A corresponding cover can be created to complete the handling design.

When you think there is nothing out there that is big enough to use for your material handling projects think again. 

Custom Rack Mounted Kitting Solution

This unique system was created to streamline the kitting process to make it more efficient, reduce time, reduce inventory and be universal to each department. The racks were supplied by the customer and CCI created the custom kitting filing system and drawers. Three different sizes were created to accommodate different component and hardware sku’s.



The totes were constructed in CCI’s DT style, made out of conductive fluted plastic, aluminum side rails and corner stackers. Each tote was fitted with a drawer side rail to fit onto the racking. A handle on the front of the tote made for easy access to slide each tote out. A line bent snap on cover was added to keep FOD out and complete the Faraday cage.


The folders are made out of KleanStat Flex which is an inherently dissipative, IPA cleanable flexible plastic. The sides of each folder are welded so the hardware inside cannot fall out. Each folder has a tab and is numbered for inventory reference. The largest folders are 12 inches wide by 10 inches deep with 30 per tote. The medium tote holds 30 folders that are 12 inches wide by 5 inches deep and the smallest tote has 80 folders that are 5.875 inches wide by 2 inches deep in a two rows of 40 configuration.



By utilizing the number system it makes for quick kitting. A pick list based on associated numbers is used to pull all the necessary components to complete a build. This system decreased the footprint from the previous methods, increased efficiency and made inventory more accurate and accountable.



Corstat Correc-Pak Shippers

Sometimes the best choice is the easiest choice when looking for ESD packaging. Often times companies come to us looking to create a custom packaging solution for their product. Time is critical and they’re not sure how to tackle their ESD packaging problem as they are focused on the quality of their product and their manufacturing issues, not on how to get it safely to their customers. Whether it’s for a production run or prototypes, they need something quick. Sometimes there are design features that call for a custom solution and we are really good at doing that. But when design features of the product don’t get in the way a great individual shipping solution is a CCI Correc-Pak shipper. The outer box is made with our Corstat Conductive Corrugated to provide superior ESD shielding. Inside the box is outfitted with convoluted foam that by design can accommodate many different sizes or “flavors” of product. The box provides a tuck top that closes securely. We have 17 Express sizes that are on the shelf and ready to ship. If an Express size doesn’t work we have dozens more in our standard products offerings that can be made and shipped in 7-10 days. CCI’s Correc-Pak shippers are a great product to have on your shelf for those last minute shipping needs.


The standard container comes with pink foam (short term use) but for long term solutions we have available Permanent Black Dissipative foam or you can switch out the foam for KleanStat Flex bubbles for a FOD free solution or change the box to conductive fluted plastic. 


Color Coded DT Totes

Separating product by work station can be a cumbersome process. Color coding assists in process flow assuring the right product is delivered to the right work cell.


These photos highlight a recent project that required special colored totes that coincided with each work cells coding system. These DT style totes were designed with plastic ribbing to hold each assembly while in transport. By silk screening the outside of the tote we properly identified each work cell by color and by product. Each tote included a bent over CFP cover to help eliminate FOD inside of the tote and complete the Faraday cage required for proper ESD handling procedures.

The handles selected are not a pass through style so the sides are completely closed, again not allowing FOD and completing the Faraday Cage. Each tote stacks neatly for easy movement and storage in the facility.


Custom Inserts For Existing Totes

Using custom inserts for existing totes lets you design your manufacturing process using a handling system that is custom created for your specific product. CCI has many material choices available that are ESD safe. Shown in these photos are some recent examples of projects designed around an existing injection molded tote. The first photo shows a custom cover to create more space in the tote and to complete the Faraday cage.

Custom Cover


The second photo shows a design that features CCI’s S680 permanently dissipative, IPA washable plastic. We created stackable trays that got inside the totes with a separate cover for the top tray. That creates an environment where the product is always touching a dissipative surface. The tote and cover complete the Faraday cage.


Thermoformed S680 Stackable Trays


Next is a CFP partition set that is locked in place for easy removal. Each cell inside the partition set is sized to fit the product exactly, maximizing capacity and eliminating product movement which protects the product physically.


CFP Partition Set

The last photo features a foam insert that is covered in the S680 material to provide a dissipative surface and a FOD free solution. KleanStat Flex bubble is attached to the cover to provide cushioning and holds the product in place. Each of these designs were created to be acceptable in a cleanroom environment and are ESD safe.


Foam Covered with S680 and KleanStat Flex Bubble

KleanStat Flex Covers For Assemblies

Our KleanStat Flex material has many uses in the industry. The Flex bubbles are great replacements for foam. KleanStat Flex is FOD free, inherently dissipative and IPA cleanable. We line foam to provide a “clean” surface in packaging applications. Document holders made with the Flex material are the best in the market.
Todays product story highlights a unique custom solution we created for a military customer. They were using an ESD smock material to cover an assembly to protect it from FOD and physical protection “scratching”. These assemblies were also traveling through a cleanroom during the manufacturing process. The problem they were experiencing was that the ESD smock material was fraying from excessive use, releasing FOD into the manufacturing environment. The smock material provided no physical protection as there was no separation between the fabric and the assembly.
CCI created the perfect solution using our KleanStat Flex material. By forming bubbles into the material we provided the missing separation and provided additional protection. The Flex material is cleanroom compatible and will not denigrate physically over time as the smock material did.

Custom DT Tray With S680 Divider And KleanStat Flex Bubble

Unique manufacturing processes require unique handling solutions. If all considerations aren’t taken into account you stand the chance of introducing a handling tray that can be detrimental to the process, and ultimately the quality of the product being manufactured.

Here is a custom handling tray that we developed specific to a unique manufacturing process. The DT style base tray is custom sized to hold two circuit boards during assembly. Made with CFP (conductive fluted plastic), the DT tray is light, sturdy, ESD safe and stackable.

To hold the circuit boards in place we created a locking partition set made out of S680 inherently dissipative, IPA cleanable and soft plastic. The boards are placed inside the cavities to prevent product from shifting throughout the process.

To finish the design we lined the bottom of the tray with our KleanStat Flex bubble. The bubble provides a soft, cushioning surface for the board. KleanStat Flex bubble is inherently dissipative, IPA cleanable and low FOD. A drop in cover provides more FOD protection and completes the Faraday Cage for product storage and movement outside the ESD protected area. For best ESD practices the product touches a dissipative surface surrounded by a conductive layer. A perfectly designed package.