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Injection Molded Plastics

CCI injection molds our own stock injection molded box line as well as custom molded jobs to customer specifications. On hand at CCI are a variety of ESD safe resins for molding boxes and other designs.

Our boxes are designed with thicker walls, tongue and groove parting lines and robust hinges for better reusability.

We stock the following resins:

Conductive polypropylene- This material has good conductivity and is flexible enough to take a hit and avoid cracking. 

Conductive polycarbonate- For products that require higher temperature use of very good flatness, polycarbonate conductive resin is a good choice.

Dissipative acrylic- CCI stocks white static dissipative acrylic that is permanent and molds with good detail. Perfect for clean room use. Can be cleaned with IPA

Clear dissipative polypropylene- In designs that require visibility of the product contained. This product is permanent and has good flex and durability.

Process & Designs

Conductive Hinge Box

Injection Molding Machine


Conductive Hinged Box With Plastic Insert


White Clean Room Box


Conductive Matrix Trays