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Efficient use of space in the electronics environment is always a key. CCI is equipped to handle the design challenges of maximizing shelf space and storage and retrieval systems. We look at what is to be handled and how the system works and then adapt a variety of ESD safe materials and designs to match the requirements. Storage of components, PCBs and reels are all common issues that require static safe solutions.

ESD Safe Storage Solutions



CCI carries Express Solutions for reels and we make custom sizes and designs to meet exact needs.


PCB Storage

Card guide totes shown here are made to hold boards by only their edge avoiding component contact.

Conductive Component Handling Tray

Component Storage

Bin systems can be designed to maximize space in shelving systems all ESD safe and a perfect fit.


Kleanstat Flex Folder System

This unique system is a way to handle many board sizes in one tote in a FOD free pouch that is ESD safe.

Let CCI know what your ESD storage challenge is. Maximizing space and organization will save labor and the proper use of static safe materials will improve quality.  There may be an Express Product that is already perfect for your needs but often a custom product is needed to fit your space needs.

Gallery Of ESD Safe Storage Solutions