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Designing The Correct PCB Shipper

The standard way to ship a circuit board might be to use a kraft pizza box, with pink foam and a static shielding box. That’s easy and cheap, but that box breaks the rules of ESD protection as it leaves the board inside of an insulative box that cannot be brought into an ESD work area. At CCI we show you a better, safer way to ship that fits your unique processes and protects your valuable PCBs. Let’s talk about the perfect ESD shipper.

CCI's ESD Focus

Because ESD is our thing have the manufacturing, design and an array of raw materials on hand to make the complete package that is the correct solution. The most cost effective packing protects the product physically, electrically and chemically and is reusable as needed. What do your board and your processes look like? We start from there.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Shipper



We strive for a design that is efficient for your processes and the correct ESD solution.



CCI has a box plant, a plastics facility, foam fabrication, and assembly facility.



Corstat, CFP, foams, permanent and short term use, and our game changing Kleanstat flex bubble material for any size application.

The Complete Package

The result is the ability to design and produce the right solution at the lowest overall cost.

Material Selection



CCI’s proprietary static shielding corrugated, the industry standard since 1978, shields you product from static. This material is economical, clean, reusable and recyclable and makes a great package with a variety of interiors.


Conductive Fluted Plastic (CFP)

Conductive fluted plastic is a step up in cost to Corstat but provides a box that has long term reusability with permanent ESD foam or plastic inserts


CCI’s permanent conductive and dissipative foams for reusable or long term storage or pink foams for economical one way shipping. CCI can die cut, waterjet cut and fabricate to any need



Often the right insert for physical or FOD protection is a thermoformed plastic tray or clamshell in one of our permanent or short term use ESD safe plastics or our new Kleanstat Flex

Gallery Of ESD Safe PCB Shippers