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Permanent ESD foams and Antistatic Foams

For years pink topically treated antistatic foams dominated the ESD market. While they are economical and in wide use today, pink foams are a short term solution only and will lose their dissipative properties over time. At CCI it is our goal to make you static protection program fit the needs of your system. For this reason we offer a variety of permanent conductive and dissipative foams for long term use in plant and in shipping and storage programs.


Permanent Foams:  CCI stocks and fabricates a number of permanent dissipative and conductive foams depending on the needs for cushioning, as well as weight and fragility of the units to be handled. The foams get their ESD properties from adding carbon throughout the foam to produce a volume conductive or dissipative material

Crosslink polyethylene:

LD30- static dissipative firm crosslink polyethylene foam for tote dunnage, cart liners, component trays and package inserts

LD 32- conductive crosslink foam. Just like LD 30 except with permanent conductive properties

EVA foam- dissipative crosslink with a tight cell surface for highest cleanliness in a foam product

Carbon loaded urethanes:

Softstat- Our low sloughing, static dissipative permanent soft urethane for cushioning in a variety of applications

Softshield- Conductive soft urethane

Pillowstat- Conductive memory foam that creates a form fit around your component or fragile device. Ideal for case inserts in component shipping applications

Antistatic Pink Foam: Pink treated antistatic foams can be a good, low cost component of static control in shipping. It is humidity dependent so it will lose its properties over time and more rapidly so in low humidity environments. It should be restricted to short term use, and not for reusable or in plant handling applications. Once foam loses the additive reservoir it can become a charge generating insulator that can do damage to static sensitive devices.

Foam Applications

Conductive Hinge Box

Correc Pak With Pink Convoluted Foam


Mailer With Black Softstat

Inherently Dissipative Clamshell

Component Shipping Boxes With Pillowstat


Die-Cut Crosslink Component Tray