Color Coded DT Totes

Picture of Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

Separating product by work station can be a cumbersome process. Color coding assists in process flow assuring the right product is delivered to the right work cell.


These photos highlight a recent project that required special colored totes that coincided with each work cells coding system. These DT style totes were designed with plastic ribbing to hold each assembly while in transport. By silk screening the outside of the tote we properly identified each work cell by color and by product. Each tote included a bent over CFP cover to help eliminate FOD inside of the tote and complete the Faraday cage required for proper ESD handling procedures.

The handles selected are not a pass through style so the sides are completely closed, again not allowing FOD and completing the Faraday Cage. Each tote stacks neatly for easy movement and storage in the facility.