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Our goal is to understand your process and the components and PCBs you are handling and shipping. All static dissipative plastics are not made alike and very often you get what you pay for. At CCI we attempt to determine how long you will use or store the product for, if it will be reused or cleaned and how valuable the parts contained are.


There are three main types of clear static dissipative plastic:

  1. Topically coated for dust protection- these materials are short term and generally not reliable. CCI does not stock them but can use these materials for the right application.
  2. Coated and cured static dissipative PVC or PET. CCI does stock these materials in varying gauges. These materials are best used in applications where there is a limited use – typically a one time shipping application. These are materials we can certify but are not permanent and cannot be cleaned.
  3. An upgrade in this product family is water washable RPETG. This material has recycled content and is a internal and external cured coating that can be washed with water without damaging the ESD properties. CCI’s RPETG has long term use potential for returnable/reusable applications.

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