Corstat Correc-Pak Shippers

Picture of Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

Sometimes the best choice is the easiest choice when looking for ESD packaging. Often times companies come to us looking to create a custom packaging solution for their product. Time is critical and they’re not sure how to tackle their ESD packaging problem as they are focused on the quality of their product and their manufacturing issues, not on how to get it safely to their customers. Whether it’s for a production run or prototypes, they need something quick. Sometimes there are design features that call for a custom solution and we are really good at doing that. But when design features of the product don’t get in the way a great individual shipping solution is a CCI Correc-Pak shipper. The outer box is made with our Corstat Conductive Corrugated to provide superior ESD shielding. Inside the box is outfitted with convoluted foam that by design can accommodate many different sizes or “flavors” of product. The box provides a tuck top that closes securely. We have 17 Express sizes that are on the shelf and ready to ship. If an Express size doesn’t work we have dozens more in our standard products offerings that can be made and shipped in 7-10 days. CCI’s Correc-Pak shippers are a great product to have on your shelf for those last minute shipping needs.


The standard container comes with pink foam (short term use) but for long term solutions we have available Permanent Black Dissipative foam or you can switch out the foam for KleanStat Flex bubbles for a FOD free solution or change the box to conductive fluted plastic.