Custom Inserts For Existing Totes

Picture of Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

Using custom inserts for existing totes lets you design your manufacturing process using a handling system that is custom created for your specific product. CCI has many material choices available that are ESD safe. Shown in these photos are some recent examples of projects designed around an existing injection molded tote. The first photo shows a custom cover to create more space in the tote and to complete the Faraday cage.

Custom Cover


The second photo shows a design that features CCI’s S680 permanently dissipative, IPA washable plastic. We created stackable trays that got inside the totes with a separate cover for the top tray. That creates an environment where the product is always touching a dissipative surface. The tote and cover complete the Faraday cage.


Thermoformed S680 Stackable Trays


Next is a CFP partition set that is locked in place for easy removal. Each cell inside the partition set is sized to fit the product exactly, maximizing capacity and eliminating product movement which protects the product physically.


CFP Partition Set

The last photo features a foam insert that is covered in the S680 material to provide a dissipative surface and a FOD free solution. KleanStat Flex bubble is attached to the cover to provide cushioning and holds the product in place. Each of these designs were created to be acceptable in a cleanroom environment and are ESD safe.


Foam Covered with S680 and KleanStat Flex Bubble