Unique Kitting Tote

Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

This unique tote was designed for kitting and handling of an assembly. The DuraStat style design features compartments on the top that are custom sized to fit each component that is required to build the complete assembly. A complete tote is released to manufacturing and a quick visual inspection assures that all the material is present to complete one build.


The DuraStat design style makes the tote extremely rugged and virtually indestructible. The stacking features make transport of several kits safe. The weight of the assembly required strong handles that could easily be grabbed. The bottom of the tote has a slot for the larger assembly components. All materials are ESD safe and by adding a cover the kitting tote can be safely transported outside of an ESD safe manufacturing area.

Once the tote is filled it is ready to go to the production floor.