Material | Inherently Dissipative Plastics (IDP)

An inherently dissipative plastic will retain its ESD safe characteristics long term. CCI’s

blue S 680 IDP material is in stock from .020 to .080 for a variety of long term handling and shipping applications.

The material is cleanable with isopropyl alcohol wipes without any effect on its static dissipative properties.

The material is excellent for medical use, fiber optics and other high value electronics where cleanliness and long term repeated use are a must.


Heavy gauge IDP material 

The same properties found in our thinner gauge IDP material can be found in our  .125 to .150 thick white S840 static dissipative plastic. As with the S680 this material is permanent, extremely clean and cleanable after each use with no affect on properties. The material is polymer based technology that is reliable long term. This is great for use in applications that require movement of heavier devices in a static safe setting with ideal static dissipative properties.

Designs Using IDP materials


Fiber Optics Package


Component Trays For Shipping And Handling


Kitting Trays


Heavy Duty Trays For Material Handling