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Conductive Thermoformable Plastics

Carbon loaded plastics provide a way to dissipate a charge with a stable long lasting plastic that CCI stocks in a wide range of gauges. For a reusable/ returnable program, conductive thermoformable plastics can provide an affordable solution that can be utilized long term and cleaned as necessary.


Types of conductive plastic:

  1. Conductive styrene is stocked by CCI in gauges ranging from .030 thick to .125 thick. It can be custom ordered in thinner or thicker gauges. It is readily available with a mid range cost per pound and versatile for light duty close tolerance forming or for heavy duty trays in thicker gauges. Styrene is excellent for flatness and forms well.
  2. Conductive ABS is stocked in sheets for short run applications which may include thermoforming or line bent and welded, fabricated trays.
  3. Conductive polypropylene can be custom ordered and is excellent for impact strength. It is a bit more flexible than styrene, but not as flat in forming.
  4. High temperature polycarbonate conductive material is stocked by CCI for applications that require some oven exposure up to 285 F. It is hard to form intricate designs but excellent for trays and component covers in temperature sensitive applications. This is the most expensive carbon loaded product but well worth it in the right application.

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