Custom DT Tray With S680 Divider And KleanStat Flex Bubble

Picture of Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

Unique manufacturing processes require unique handling solutions. If all considerations aren’t taken into account you stand the chance of introducing a handling tray that can be detrimental to the process, and ultimately the quality of the product being manufactured.

Here is a custom handling tray that we developed specific to a unique manufacturing process. The DT style base tray is custom sized to hold two circuit boards during assembly. Made with CFP (conductive fluted plastic), the DT tray is light, sturdy, ESD safe and stackable.

To hold the circuit boards in place we created a locking partition set made out of S680 inherently dissipative, IPA cleanable and soft plastic. The boards are placed inside the cavities to prevent product from shifting throughout the process.

To finish the design we lined the bottom of the tray with our KleanStat Flex bubble. The bubble provides a soft, cushioning surface for the board. KleanStat Flex bubble is inherently dissipative, IPA cleanable and low FOD. A drop in cover provides more FOD protection and completes the Faraday Cage for product storage and movement outside the ESD protected area. For best ESD practices the product touches a dissipative surface surrounded by a conductive layer. A perfectly designed package.