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The ESD safe work station requires all materials to be non- charge generating and able to drain a charge. The challenge is to make the workstation environment organized while meeting ESD requirements. Additionally, space is typically limited and must be used efficiently. CCI specializes in custom solutions to organize and eliminate static and FOD issues.

Workstation Products


Cafeteria Tray Liners

Our Kleanstat bubble is a permanent static dissipative cushioning material that eliminates FOD and ESD.

Shadow Tray Static Dissipative Foam

Shadow Tray

Custom fit your work tools and comply with ESD and 5S programs.

Conductive Component Handling Tray


Components can be efficiently organized in static safe trays stock or custom.


Drawer Cabinets

Component storage at the workstation that saves space and labor while remaining ESD safe.

No matter how big or small the project CCI will help solve workstation issues and bring your areas into ESD compliance. As always with CCI there are Express Products that may meet your needs. If not we are always willing to design a custom fitted solution to meet your needs.

Gallery Of ESD Safe Workstation Solutions