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Kleanstat Flex Products (KSF)

Kleanstat Flex is a material introduced by CCI just in the past few years. Kleanstat is made in a TPU based material. It combines flexibility, FOD free cleanliness, permanent dissipative properties ( it is inherently dissipative) and formability. Our anchor invention is the Kleanstat Flex bubble product, the first cushioning material of its kind. Our bubbles provide air cushioning without the debris than can be created by foam. It has the cushioning of traditional bubble but does not suffer from the loss of ESD properties like typical bubble- nor does it pop!

Kleanstat can be formed into trays or made into hanging folders for tote systems. Our Kleanstat FlexTote systems allow for many PCB sizes to be stored in one tote system, low FOD, no static and great physical protection.

Kleanstat can also be made into worker separation curtains, ship travelers or document holders.


Kleanstat material types:

Kleanstat Flex TPU– This is CCI’s premium Kleanstat material. TPU has the lowest outgassing and most flexibility.


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