ESD Safe Packaging Solutions

ESD Safe Packaging starts at CCI. If your company has issues with static protection look no further. CCI has been the industry leading expert on ESD safe packaging for over 30 years. 

Advantages of ESD-Safe Packaging From CCI:

  1. ESD Protection Like Never Before: Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) can spell disaster for sensitive electronics, leading to costly failures and dissatisfied customers. ESD-Safe Thermoformed Plastic is your secret weapon against such calamities. This ingenious packaging material incorporates conductive and dissipative properties, diverting harmful static charges away from your valuable components, and ensuring optimal product performance and reliability.
  2. Express – Stock Products: CCI has a catalog of hundreds of stocked products that are perfect for many ESD safe packaging applications. We keep these items stocked and ready to ship within 1-2 business days. Check out the catalog of ESD safe boxes
  3. Standard – No Tooling: CCI has solved many of the industries toughest ESD safe packaging issues. Because of that we have a library of standard tools for parts that will fit many companies’ ESD packaging needs. With a library of over 1000 tools there is a solution for your ESD problems with no tooling and minimal production time. Standard products generally ship within 14 days of the initial PO. Contact your ESD experts to learn more. 
  4. Custom: We don’t stop at standard solutions. In fact many of our standard products were once a custom solution to a unique problem faced by manufacturers of static sensitive parts and boards. CCI has been innovating and engineering custom packaging for the perfect fit since we were founded over 30 years ago. If you need more exact ESD protection CCI is ready to work on a tailor-made solution for your ESD problem. Contact us to request a quote on your ESD Packaging Problem.
  5. ESD Safe Materials & Processes: Beyond our expertise in solving static related packaging problems, CCI is set apart by our vast array of unique materials and processes. From Foreign Object Debris (FOD) free materials, to durable long lasting ESD safe plastics and ESD safe foams, CCI has worked with many unique materials that offer benefits not found elsewhere in the packaging industry. The right materials are a significant part of engineering the perfect ESD solutions.
  6. Regulatory Compliance Confidence: Industries dealing with sensitive electronics often operate under strict regulations and standards. By adopting ESD-Safe Thermoformed Plastic, you can rest assured that your packaging complies with industry-specific requirements, facilitating smooth audits and maintaining your reputation as a trusted supplier.


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