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Corstat Conductive Corrugated

CCI invented the conductive corrugated industry with Corstat in 1978. To this day Corstat maintains the position as the standard bearer for conductive corrugated. Corstat has excellent static shielding properties for shipping and a controlled surface for safely dissipating a charge to ground. Corstat is excellent as a handling container with partitions or as a shipping product with static dissipative foam or plastic interior. Corstat has a clean sealed surface that eliminates the sulfur content found in plain kraft corrugated. It is an economical, easily customizable solution that is a part of every good static control system.

Corstat DC –Corstat is also made by CCI in a static dissipative version with a 10E6 to 10E9 surface. This is excellent for telecom applications or for internal partitions or die cuts.

Corstat XD – Corstat XD has a UV cured solid surface which is 10E6 and water resistant. This is an extremely durable material with a clean gloss surface. For use in areas high reusability and durability are desired

Designing With Corstat


Mailer With Pink Antistatic Foam


Corstat Totes With Partitions


Corstat XD Tote Boxes


Corstat With Plastic Insert