KleanStat Flex Covers For Assemblies

Picture of Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

Our KleanStat Flex material has many uses in the industry. The Flex bubbles are great replacements for foam. KleanStat Flex is FOD free, inherently dissipative and IPA cleanable. We line foam to provide a “clean” surface in packaging applications. Document holders made with the Flex material are the best in the market.
Todays product story highlights a unique custom solution we created for a military customer. They were using an ESD smock material to cover an assembly to protect it from FOD and physical protection “scratching”. These assemblies were also traveling through a cleanroom during the manufacturing process. The problem they were experiencing was that the ESD smock material was fraying from excessive use, releasing FOD into the manufacturing environment. The smock material provided no physical protection as there was no separation between the fabric and the assembly.
CCI created the perfect solution using our KleanStat Flex material. By forming bubbles into the material we provided the missing separation and provided additional protection. The Flex material is cleanroom compatible and will not denigrate physically over time as the smock material did.