As the only charter member in the ESD Association who deals solely in static protective packaging, CCI has been involved in the protection of static sensitive electronic components for nearly 40 years. Our sales engineers alone have an average of 10 years experience, combined with continuous training, making CCI one of the most knowledgeable companies in the ESD industry.


CCI has established a stringent quality program that is ISO 9000 compatible. Being the first product in the market, CORSTAT™ has been subjected to the most demanding tests and has been proven over and over to be a better static shielding package.


CCI has led the ESD packaging industry from the beginning with innovative ideas. CORSTAT™, our patented conductive corrugated, is the most recognized brand name in the industry. Products and materials manufactured by CCI have been approved by every major U.S. electronics company, and we meet or exceed every industry standard.


CCI has the most diverse line of materials to fit your requirements. We have the cost effective CORSTAT™ and Cortronic® static shielding corrugated fiberboard. CCI also works with Conductive Fluted Plastic(CFP) and static dissipative and conductive vacuum formable plastics not available from other suppliers. Our new KleenStat Flex material is is a super tough, flexible product that is super clean, make it ideal for clean rooms as well as eliminating FOD in the handling of high value parts.


CCI has the largest selection of in-stock packaging products in the static control market. Whether your requirements are storage, in-plant handling or shipping, CCI’s worldwide distribution network will help fill your needs with off the shelf solutions at low costs and fast turnaround.


If a stock product cannot meet your needs, CCI can custom design products to your exact requirements. In some cases our design engineers have reduced material costs as much as 50% while maintaining, and in many cases, increasing the protective characteristics of the container. At CCI you will find versatility that is unmatched in our industry.


CCI’s CORSTAT™ and Cortronic™ products are 100% recyclable as old corrugated containers (OCC). Unlike other impregnated conductive corrugated which cannot be recycled as OCC, CORSTAT™, Cortronic™, and Corstat DC™ will be accepted by every major paper company.

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