Custom | ESD Safe Material Handling Gallery

CCI designs and manufactures solutions to fit how you want to handle static sensitive devices. We look at the fragility and ESD sensitivity of the devices, the lot sizes your prefer to handle them in and design to your needs. We are not limited to preset sizes, we custom design the right fit using an array of materials and design ideas.

Material Selection


Conductive Fluted Plastic

How reusable does the package need to be? Here CFP is great with our permanent ESD safe foams.

PCB Bubble Shipper

Kleanstat Flex

FOD Free cushioning such as our Kleanstat Flex static dissipative bubbles…only at CCI!

Permanent ESD Safe Tray

Thermoformed Plastics

Small devices often require a thermoformed tray for exact fit and physical protection in handling and shipping.

ESD Safe Component Shipping And Handling

Tacki Pak

Unique solutions for tough to handle items…shown here is our Tacki Pak pedestal which isolates and retains fragile components.

Bring CCI problems of any size or shape and we can provide an ESD solution in any quantity. Perhaps one of our 1000 Express or standard solutions will work perfectly for you. If not we would love to take on the challenge of exactly meeting your needs.

Gallery Of Material Handling