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Conductive Fluted Plastic CFP

Durable is an easily customized material that can be an integral part of static protection of PCBs in shipping and handling. CCI has popularized the Durastat tote made from CFP and aluminum extrusions as an effective way to beat static with totes that are exactly the size you need. Unlike injection molded totes that are rigid, CFP Durastat totes cushion due to the extrude fluting of the material. CFP is stocker in 2MM, 3MM, and 4MM profiles by CCI and can be fabricated into totes, trays, bins, mailers or scores of other designs to exactly fit your needs.

CFP does not perform as well as Corstat on shielding properties but is an upgrade to solid plastic totes for shielding. Designs in CFP perform very well in reusable programs, often lasting many years.

As your products change rapidly the design of our CFP products can change with them.

Applications For CFP


DuraStat Tote With KleanStat Flex Folders


CFP Mailer With Conductive Convoluted Foam


Heavy Duty CFP Case With Foam Inserts


DuraStat Tote With CFP Partitions Or Corstat Partitions