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CCI’s Kleanstat Flex material is a game changing FOD Free, permanent static dissipative technology that CCI is using in a variety of applications. Our KSF bubble cushioning is ideal for both shipping and material handling applications. The Kleanstat Flex folder systems are a lean and clean system for protecting a wide range of PCBs in one tote. KSF gives you an opportunity to replace FOD producing foams or short term dissipative materials that lose their ESD properties and become insulative.

Material Selection


Kleanstat Flex Bubbles

CCI has small medium and large bubble formats for cushioning PCBs in shipping and handling


Flex Totes

Customize a lean tote system to handle many PCB sizes in just one or two tote sizes


Shop Travelers

Most shop travelers and document holders are not permanent and become charge generating. Kleanstat Flex is clean, static dissipative, tough and permanent.


Thermoformed Kleanstat Flex

Flexible Kleanstat can be formed into custom caps and trays to protect components and boards in handling

Let CCI show you what this ground breaking new technology can do. Eliminate FOD, ESD damage and physical damage with this one material and use it long term. This is a reliable material that pays for itself many times over in quality and labor savings.

Gallery Of Kleanstat Flex