Kleanstat Bubble Rolls: Permanent ESD Protection & Inherently Static Dissipative

Industry-leading, KleanStat Flex Bubble is now available in roll stock! Use the rolls to line workstations, wrap delicate components, or any other FOD Free, anti-skid application. All rolls are available in fifty foot (50LF below) sections and come ready to cut to desired lengths. Rolls can be ordered in custom lengths, please call for more information.

KleanStat Flex TPU: 

  • Permanent 10e9 range static dissipative
  • Best flexibility and memory
  • IPA cleanable
  • Highest clarity
  • Great cleanroom material
  • Extremely tough (will not tear)


Plastic Ribbing: Economical, Clean & Easy to Use

CCI has many standard plastic ribs that we can use to line a tote. As long as there is enough “real estate” on the edge of the board it is a great way to eliminate the rubbing of boards against a hard divider and makes loading and unloading easy and efficient. Turned on its side, the operators will find the versatility of being able to position it at their workstation a huge plus.

Solutions for Fragile LED Boards

LED boards are very fragile and extremely sensitive to physical and ESD damage. Careful handling is important to maintain the integrity of the product.


By using thermoforming, you can achieve many objectives:

Clean – No FOD Solution 
Physical Protection
ESD Protection
Maximize space
Ease of Handling


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Creative Use of Foam for Partitioning

Foam isn’t always used just for cushioning. We can create a “softer” partition wall when that is required. Here we have created a unique “kitting” stackable tray using foam to create the cavities. The foam is laminated to CFP. The cavities are deep enough so that when loaded with product the trays can be stacked. Another unique design by CCI.

Foam Ribbing Shipper Option

This is an economical one-way shipper that provides great cushioning and a Faraday cage. The design utilizes pink foam ribbing strips to securely hold the boards in place. A soft pink foam on the bottom and attached to the lid give extra cushioning during transport. The use of pink foam makes this a short-term use container. By switching the pink foam with black permanent dissipative foam, it now turns into a long term returnable/reusable solution.

ESD Tray Stacks

Using thermoformed trays in a returnable/reusable system is very common. Trays provide the best physical and electrical (ESD) protection. Once the tray is designed there are many ways to pack in multiples for shipment. Considering handling requirements on both ends we design a system that helps to eliminate as much handling as possible, fit within the parameters of manufacturing and shipping and is operator friendly.


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Corstat Dividable Tray

A less expensive design option for a dividable process tray made out of Corstat and utilizing Kleanstat Flex bubble. This tray is stackable and by using both bubble and physical dividers it insures that the product is separated during the handling process. When the trays are stacked you create a Faraday Cage for shielding. Some great additions to this would be a document holder on the side, a full telescoping cover for storage or any other add on that would best fit your handling processes.


Customize Your Existing Totes To Create A System That Fits Your Specific Needs

If you have already invested in containers and they don’t quite fit your needs we can customize the interior to make them efficient. Thermo-formed trays are a great way to protect your product physically, maximize the number of units per tote, have a clean FOD free system and increase your ESD protection. Dividers designed specifically to you product size helps to maximize space and is a low cost alternative to existing configurations that might not work as well as you like. Die cut foam provides great cushioning and can be done in multiple configurations.


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