ESD Tray Stacks

Picture of Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

Using thermoformed trays in a returnable/reusable system is very common. Trays provide the best physical and electrical (ESD) protection. Once the tray is designed there are many ways to pack in multiples for shipment. Considering handling requirements on both ends we design a system that helps to eliminate as much handling as possible, fit within the parameters of manufacturing and shipping and is operator friendly.



Here are a couple of examples of packing multiple trays. One is a “Hopper” style box that makes access to the trays simple. No reaching down into a tote to remove. The box opens and exposes the full stack. The other design shows the use of a CFP sleeve that wraps around the stack of trays and then slides into a box to support the stack. Again, ease of unloading was the main consideration for the design. In both designs the container provides the Faraday Cage. The trays are made with permanently dissipative plastic for long term repetitive use. Based on your requirements we’ll design the best solution for your needs.