Customize Your Existing Totes To Create A System That Fits Your Specific Needs

Picture of Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

If you have already invested in containers and they don’t quite fit your needs we can customize the interior to make them efficient. Thermo-formed trays are a great way to protect your product physically, maximize the number of units per tote, have a clean FOD free system and increase your ESD protection. Dividers designed specifically to you product size helps to maximize space and is a low cost alternative to existing configurations that might not work as well as you like. Die cut foam provides great cushioning and can be done in multiple configurations.




Other options include custom covers to provide protection from debris and in some cases to complete the Faraday Cage. Flex and fabric covers can be a solution for FOD during the manufacturing process. Other accessories can be handles, document holders or whatever you need to complete your desired solution based on your specific needs.



If you need to customize your existing totes to create a system that fits your specific needs, call your local CCI rep, myself or your inside sales team at CCI and let’s create the perfect solution!