Sealed Edge CFP Straight Up Partitions

Picture of Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

Straight up partitions are very economical as it uses half the raw material used in a bent over style. CFP (Conductive fluted plastic) partitions have a sharp edge when designed as a straight up set. It works okay especially if the product extends past the top of the partition set, but CCI now offers an alternative.

We can seal the edge of the partition to smooth it out. This helps to protect fingers when accessing the product in each cell. Seen in the first photo is a standard straight up partition set without the sealed edge. In the second photo we have sealed the edge to make it smoother. The bottom photo shows a complete portion set that is designed as a straight up set with the sealed edge. Many applications call for bent over designs. The double thickness of the material adds to the strength of the cells. But when we feel there is enough structure to use a straight up design style we now have a great option that also reduces the overall cost of the partition set.