Alternative To Bubble Wrapping Boards

Picture of Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

A common way to protect circuit boards or assemblies has always been to wrap each board with pink bubble wrap. We recently created an alternative solution that eliminates the pink “short term ESD” bubble wrap and its waste, the excessive handling needed to “wrap” around the board and fasten with tape and the excessive handling needed to unwrap the board. The excessive handling in that scenario creates an opportunity to damage the board both physically and electrically. Remember, the standard rule of thumb in electronics manufacturing is that every time you handle a product you introduce the opportunity to damage the product both physically and electrically (ESD damage). By eliminating a lot of the excessive handling it eliminates a lot of that damage. Handle less – damage less.


Shown below is the solution CCI designed. By using our permanently dissipative and cleanable KleanStat Flex bubble the product will last indefinitely. A CFP (conductive fluted plastic) U-folder is lined with the KleanStat Flex bubble for cushioning. The circuit board is placed inside the U-folder and ESD safe velcro holds it closed. Easy in – Easy out!

No more wasted bubble wrap and all the un-needed handling required to wrap. The folders are placed into a tote for transport and easily removed and opened. Custom sized we can create one for any application.