Unique Custom Process Tray With Extended Handles

Picture of Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

Another unique custom design created by CCI for a unique manufacturing process. For this project the customer needed a process tray to move the product throughout the facility but needed the handles to extend above the unit so the trays could be placed on a lower cart without the operators fingers getting trapped underneath the tray.



A robust design using CFP (conductive fluted plastic) sonic welded around a custom manufactured wire rim created the strength needed to hold the product. By bending the wire rim into an extended handle we were able to create the space needed to accomplish all the goals required in the handling project. The operator can easily carry the process tray throughout the factory in a safe, ergonomic way and the product remains in place in the tray. As this tray was always going to be used in an ESD safe area there was no need to create a Faraday cage but by adding a simple cover over the unit that could be accomplished. The tray is designed for an exact fit so there is no need to have anything on the bottom to prevent sliding but by adding a KleanStat Flex pad this custom tray could now be used for smaller assemblies.