High Tech Packaging Solution For High Tech Product

Picture of Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

High tech product requires a high tech packaging solution. Protecting the contents of the package requires consideration of physical, electrical and chemical protection. The design featured this week had to include several design elements for physical protection to protect the unique board design that had flex ribbon cables with delicate connectors and had minimum areas to hold product down. For electrical (ESD) and chemical protection the material choice  was CCI’s S680 which is inherently dissipative, humidity insensitive and ultra-clean. S680 is a go to choice for medical device, electronic component and hard disk packaging.  Completing this package was a conductive box that created the necessary Faraday Cage required for total ESD protection.
With CCI there are no minimum requirements. We maintain an extensive inventory of ESD plastics in many different varieties. PET, PETG, PVC, HIPS, ABS and High Temp PC. The stocking of material coupled with our experienced design staff, in-house tooling and prototyping makes CCI the leader in thermoforming of ESD plastics.


Critical to the design of this tray and cover was protecting Flex components, fragile connectors and thin pins. The material selection was S680 for it’s superior ESD properties and cleanliness. The tray features pockets to protect the Flex, finger notches for easy removal, stacking and orientation elements.


  • Medical device packaging
  • Electronic component handling
  • Hard disk packaging


S680 Material Characteristics:

  • Inherently Static Dissipative
  • Humidity Insensitive
  • Ultra-clean: low off-gassing and low ionic contamination