Custom Manufacturing – Kitting Solution

Picture of Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

When there are no standard “off the shelf” solutions available for an application CCI can create a custom solution specifically designed to meet all manufacturer’s unique processes. We become an extension of their engineering minds and their engineering department. If they can “think it” we can build it. By utilizing our design engineers it frees manufacturing engineers up to work on more pressing matters internally.

This weeks product story highlights a design that started as an idea from an engineer and became the perfect solution created by and manufactured by CCI. Working closely with CCI design engineers we became an extension of his engineering department. Once we gathered all the information he was able to free up his time to work other projects internally and let CCI’s engineers create the solution.

CCI’s custom manufacturing capabilities become an extension of your engineering mind. Taking your idea’s and transforming them into a custom manufactured product specific to your application. Featured here is a custom kitting container that started as an idea and was transformed into a product specific kitting carrier that streamlined manufacturing, reduced excess inventory and eliminated electrical (ESD) and physical damage.

Each drawer has custom inserts for product placement. The drawers can be removed for easier access if needed. Flaps fitted with snaps securely hold the drawers in place during transport. Handles on the side and top gives the operator a choice as to how the want to move the container through the process. All critical considerations and incorporated into the custom design.