Getting a Handle on Handles

Picture of Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

Custom designs allow for considerations that aren’t available in standard products. A great example is the use of different style handles. You might think a handle isn’t that important but your handling and manufacturing processes can be improved by using the perfect one. We have several different design options and select the proper one for your specific handling needs.



Several options are available for utilizing handles on totes. Sometimes you want a pass-through handle. Other times it is important to have a solid handle that does not let FOD into the tote. CCI has many, many options based on what your handling needs are. Shown here is a unique design utilizing two different styles at once. The sides of the totes have a formed handle that allows your fingers to hold the tote but is enclosed to keep FOD out and complete the Faraday Cage. In this handling scenario two totes will be transported together. With corner stackers the totes will remain locked together. The second handle is a strap that can be used once the totes are stacked for easier carrying. A secure buckle locks the lid in place.



If you need to get a “Handle On Handles” call your local CCI rep, myself or your inside sales team at CCI and let’s create the perfect solution!