CCI Custom Manufacturing

Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

The ability to do custom manufacturing specific to an application opens up a whole new world of possibilities. CCI is an extension of your engineering mind. How many times do people settle for an “off the shelf” solution and then try to conform to the limitations of the product? With CCI’s custom manufacturing capabilities why not look at designing a container based on your needs instead of designing your manufacturing based on the containers needs and limitations. One of CCI’s custom manufacturing items is a kitting container that was designed specifically to fit into the existing manufacturing environment without having to make “adjustments”. In fact it actually improved the process which was the original goal.




CCI’s custom manufacturing capabilities become an extension of your engineering mind. Taking your idea’s and transforming them into a custom manufactured product specific to your application. Featured here is a custom kitting container that started as an idea and was transformed into a product specific kitting carrier that streamlined manufacturing, reduced excess inventory and eliminated electrical (ESD) and physical damage.


Each drawer has custom inserts for product  placement. The drawers can be removed for easier access if needed. Flaps fitted with snaps securely hold the drawers in place during transport. Handles on the side and top gives the operator a choice as to how the want to move the container through the process. All critical considerations and incorporated into the custom design.


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