Hard Sided Case Conversions

Picture of Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

CCI has the capability to customize any hard sided case. There are many different styles available. We take an empty case and turn it into a custom container designed specific to your product. Often used in military and aerospace applications, hard sided cases meet the strictest of packaging standards.

Depending on what the application is CCI selects the proper material taking into consideration several factors. What ESD protection is required? We can select either a conductive or dissipative material based on needs.

Is FOD a concern? We have materials that would be considered FOD free, cleanable and permanent. That makes sure that the product doesn’t become contaminated during transport.

How physically sensitive is the application? Again, we have multiple materials that we can use to make sure the product is protected physically inside the container.

We take all of these factors into consideration to design the perfect solution that protects the product physically, electrically and chemically.