Eliminate the “Electric Slide”

Picture of Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

One of the most efficient ways to help eliminate physical damage during manufacturing is to eliminate movement. By using KleanStat Flex bubble liner you can help to eliminate the “Electric Slide” you get on blue matting material or just plain trays. Permanently ESD safe and cleanable KleanStat Flex bubbles also provide better cushioning than flat liners.




KleanStat Flex bubbles used as a tray liner will help to eliminate the “Electric Slide”. Three different sizes of bubbles are available based on your needs. The bubbles provide great cushioning to help eliminate physical damage. The permanent dissipative properties help eliminate electrical damage. The ability to clean the bubbles with IPA helps to eliminate FOD and germs.


Contact your local CCI rep, myself or your inside sales team at CCI with any questions and to get more information on eliminating the “Electric Slide.”