KleanStat Flex Tote Insert

Hard sided totes propose several challenges when product is placed inside. If the product is not physically protected  it can bang against the side of the tote and be damaged. If a board is only in a shielding bag it has no physical protection. The board continually hits the edge of the tote and proposes a rick of weakening or even completely damaging the board. Below is a great way to get some protection using KleanStat Flex bubble to line the edge of the container.

Large bubbles line the bottom of the tote for extra protection for heavy parts or assemblies.

The side of the insert uses a medium bubble to cushion any product that is leaned up against it. CCI can create an insert to any size tote.

Remember KleanStat Flex is:

Permanently ESD Safe

Cleanable with IPA

Virtually indestructible


It might look like a maze but this unique custom CCI tote is designed for kitting product. The design accommodates all the components to complete an assembly build. Die cut dissipative foam provides excellent cushioning to protect the product from physical damage.

The DT Tote has handles for easy transportation, corner stackers to make totes stack on each other and makes kitting and inventory a breeze.


KleanStat Flex FOD Cover

This design features our KleanStat Flex material for a FOD cover on a DT Style tote. KleanStat Flex is permanently static dissipative, cleanable with IPA and is clear enough to see the product inside of the tote.

The cover is attached to the long side of the tote and is draped over the top to cover the product in storage and transport. The DT tote has handles for ease of use and a KleanStat Flex document holder that is used to identify the content of the tote.

Custom LED Board Holder

This custom long LED Board holder is made with our KleanStat Flex ribbing that is permanently ESD safe, cleanable and low FOD. The soft ribs can accommodate different thicknesses of boards without damaging the components.

The CFP (Conductive Fluted Plastic) tray provides a rigid base for holding and transporting the boards within the facility. Each tray can be stacked in an overpack for shipment.

Restronics Mid Atlantic Joins CCI Sales Network

CCI is pleased to announce the addition of Matt Osborne with Restronics Mid Atlantic to our sales network. Matt will be covering North and South Carolina and brings a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise.


Matt began his career in the early 80’s working for his mother that was a Vice President of large contract manufacturer in Delaware as he is third generation electronics manufacturing with his grandmother having made capacitors for Sprague Electric. He started out on programming pick and place machines at the dawn of SMT. After College at the University of Delaware Matt went on to work for Motorola in Schaumburg, Il as manufacturing engineer until it moved to China. He then went on to work for Allied Signal in Kansas City(DOD) for a short time. After returning to Illinois Matt went to work for Quad Systems as a field service engineer covering the mid-west until taking a design engineering position for Decatur Radar. After redesigning the JUGS professional radar gun, he successfully opened his own contract manufacturing business making the radar guns. After a few years he was able to purchase his own pick and place equipment and begin assembling boards for other customers. After selling Contract Assembly Service around 2006 in Delaware he retired at the age of 35 and moved to North Carolina where his family is from. Coming out of retirement in 2009 he held the title of Vice president of American Circuits in Charlotte, NC for four years and then moving on to Outside sales for Hammond Electronics. Matt’s latest endeavors have been Director of Engineering at The Light Source for four years and then Regional Sales Manager for Trans-Tec/Yamaha. He has many years of process experience from the customer just getting started to the full fledge high speed and IPC class 3 environments.

“I am not a sales guy! I am a problem-solving solution provider!”

Corstat Tote With Custom Cushioning Foam Insert

This unique design of creating a custom die cut foam insert helped to solve a handling issue for a board that had a large heat sync that was susceptible to getting damaged during transport.

The board slides along side of the partition and the heat sync sits securely on the foam. This was designed for one way use so pink foam could be used. The custom foam insert was designed to fit into a standard CCI Corstat Implant Handler with cover.

Foam Lined Corstat RSC With Partitions

This package was created to provide extra cushioning for circuit board shipping. A Corstat inside and Kraft outside RSC style box was used as this was for one way shipping.

The Corstat inside provided the FaraDay Cage required for shielding. A Corstat partitions set was sized to fit the circuit board’s dimensions. To provide for extra cushioning a foam pad is placed in the bottom and top of the tote. A foam pad also was used on all four sides. As this was used for one way shipping only pink foam was the material choice for economy of cost.

The Corstat RSC can be stored and shipped flat when not in use cutting down the footprint of the container when not in use.


Conductive Kitting Tray With Clear Stackable Cover

The custom trays shown below were designed for kitting inside an ESD protected area. The tray was designed with generic sized cavities to hold a variety of components.

The tray is grounded during the placement of the parts. The customer wanted to be able to see what’s inside so we made a cover out of cleanable, permanently dissipative plastic.

Stackable Clear Cover

The cover also features stacking corners so the trays can be stacked without sliding apart. The cover provides FOD protection during transport and storage.

DT Tray With Large FOD Cover

This custom tote was designed to handle a large heavy assembly. The long DT style tray is made with custom strap style handles for easier lifting. The tray is shallow so work can be performed on the unit while it sits inside. 

When the assembly is moved through the facility or is being stored it needed to be protected from FOD and static.

The deep cover drops into the inside of the tray. By placing the cover on the tray it completes the FaraDay Cage and keeps debris out. 

A permanently ESD safe Flex document holder is placed on the edge of the cover for paperwork.

Corstat Mailer With Custom Foam Insert

Featured below is a custom Corstat Mailer with a permanently dissipative foam insert assembly designed to cushion and protect delicate assemblies during storage and transport. CCI can water jet cut foam into any cavity configuration.

Custom foam insert

Each cavity is designed to hold the product in place and provide cushioning. A bottom and top foam pad complete the cushioning required and the FLM (front lock mailer) style box secures it all together.

The foam is static dissipative specifically chosen for intimate contact of the assemblies. The Corstat box provides the required FaraDay cage as these containers are used for internal transport, storage and shipping.