Corstacker & DT Trays

CCI’s Corstacker and Durastat trays can be custom sized to your application. They are a great way to organize product and clean up a manufacturing environment. The photo below shows how organized manufacturing can be by using the trays.

Product lays flat inside the trays. KleanStat Flex Bubble holds the product in place.

CCI can create a custom divider system that can be fixed or adjustable for different sku’s. Each tray acts as a cover for the tray below or you can use a drop in or lined bent cover to enclose each tray.

The corner stackers lock the trays in place. The benefit of implementing this style handling is that these trays can accommodate  any product and do not have to be dedicated to a specific line.

Standard sizes are available or design to fit within your system.

Side Loading Durastat Tote

This Durastat tote was designed to be side loaded instead of placing the product into the tote from the top. The design features large hinged handles for ease of use, corner stackers to secure the totes when stacked and a bent over snap on cover. The hinged side has a locking feature to hold the side in place when closed. This side loading design makes it easier for operators to load and unload the tote. 

Durastat Side Loading Tote

Custom Cases

CCI can create Conductive Cases using CFP (conductive Fluted plastic) or Corstat conductive corrugated. Hinged lids and locking features can be built into the design. We have many varieties of handles to choose from.

 Corstat conductive corrugated tote with hinged lid and a buckle feature to secure when closed

So instead of having to settle for an off the shelf solution that is too large or too small, design something that is just right for your product and manufacturing practices.

Durastat Style with hinged lids and Kleanstat Flex document holder

The product is protected from static as the material is conductive and completes the FaraDay Cage.