Kleanstat Tray Liners Express

  • FOD Free cushioning
  • Permanent static dissipative
  • IPA cleanable
  • Flat, small, medium or large bubble
  • Fit cafeteria trays or totes
  • Replace FOD producing foams

Express sizes
Order in full cases- price is per case. Ships in 1-2 days

NameDescriptionPricePrice EachBuy
Kleanstat Tray Liners Express - KSB2416-25-PVC

24.25 x 16.125 x .375″
QTY Per Case: 10

Kleanstat Tray Liners Express - KSB2416-15-PVC

24.25 x 16.125 x .25″
QTY Per Case: 10


Standard KleanstatFlex

  • More PVC and TPU KSF liners
  • Kleanstat document holders
  • KSF/Durastat trays
  • Bubble rolls
  • Bubble mailers
  • KSF Bubble sheet

Corstat tote with KSF Bubble folders

Durastat tote with kleanstat pouches

Kleanstat bubble liners for totes

FOD Free bubble in corstat mailer