Double Up By Stacking Up

Picture of Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

CCI can create a unique “locking partition set” that keeps the product in place when removed. This unique design allows you to stack multiple partition sets into a tote to maximize density in the package. By designing the outer container to fit the desired pallet size and height you eliminate shipping “air”. See the photo below for an example of using this style design to create the perfect package!

An easy way to double the capacity of a deep tote is to create a locking partition set that can be stacked inside. The partitions can be removed with the product still inside. Load or unload as needed and create the perfect handling solution. Stack two, three, four or more. The photo shows a DT style tote with a snap on lid and a large document holder. Customer to your perfect solution.

Contact your local CCI rep or your inside sales team to maximize your packaging footprint.