IC Shippers

Picture of Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

Conductive Containers’ IC Shippers come in two different versions. Both are great options for shipping your sensitive components and small assemblies.

Our standard IC Shippers come with pink ASPU (anti-Static Polyurethane) foam laminated to the lid and black conductive pin insertion foam loose in the bottom. This traditional design is ideal for through-hole technology components or small assemblies with robust leads. The pink top foam is good for one way shipping or short-term storage as it will lose its ESD properties over time. The small mailer style box is made using our Corstat material and provides industry best static shielding.

Our IC-SS Shippers come with CCI’s SDPU (Static Dissipative Polyurethane) foam laminated to the top and loose in the bottom. We developed this new style IC Shipper to be used with BGAs and small assemblies that needed additional cushioning. The SS is for Super Soft which is what our SDPU foam is. Our SDPU foam is permanently static dissipative and cradles your part when the Corstat mailer is closed. With the permanent ESD properties this design is great for long term storage and can be used in a returnable reusable program.

No matter what option you use you can rest assured that your product will be protected by the best ESD materials available.