ESD Clamshells VS Anti-Static Bags

Picture of Doug Holtz

Doug Holtz

National Sales Manager, CCI

What are the advantages of CCI’s ESD clamshells over ESD bags? We protect your sensitive electronic components from physical and electrical damage during shipping and handling. ESD bags only protect from electrical damage.

Better Protection: Conductive Container’s ESD clamshells provide a more secure and rigid protection than ESD bags, which are typically made of flexible material. Our clamshell designs help to prevent the components from moving around or coming into contact with other components during shipping, which reduces the risk of physical damage and static generation.

Greater Durability: CCI’s ESD clamshells are thermoformed using certified ESD safe rigid plastic, which makes them more resistant to damage from impacts, bending or crushing compared to ESD bags. They can be reused multiple times, making them a cost-effective option over time.  ESD bags are intended to be used only once.

Improved Visibility: Our ESD clamshells are designed with clear plastic, which allows for easy identification of the components inside without having to open the container. This can be particularly useful for applications where quick identification or scanning of the components is important, such as in inventory management or assembly line operations.

Easier Handling: CCI’s design team works with you to build design feature that allow for easy handling and transportation. We can build features that allow for stacking that allow the clamshells to be stored on top of each other. This feature reduces the amount of space required for storage and makes them easier to transport.

Greater Design Flexibility: We employ several design engineers that will work directly with you to design an ESD clamshell to fit your specific components. Clamshells can be designed to fit complex shapes or unusual sizes of components, ensuring a snug and secure fit.  That is not the case with ESD bags. The clamshells can also be designed with a cavity that allows them to be used for different stages of the PCB assembly or a universal cavity to fit different components.

Recyclable:  CCI’s clamshells are made from plastic that can be recycled with other plastics of the same type.  ESD bags can be recycled but must be processed separately from other plastics because they are typically made from multi-layers plastics and other materials.

In summary, our ESD clamshells are a better solution than ESD bags for applications where your valuable and sensitive components require more secure and physical protection, and where visibility and ease of handling are important. ESD clamshells provide better physical and electrical protection, greater durability, improved visibility, easier handling and greater design flexibility.  Reuse or recycle ESD clamshells to make them more sustainable than bags as well. When valuable parts are on the line the advantages of CCI’s ESD clamshells make them the clear choice over cheap ESD bags.