Tax Policy

Tax and Fee Disclosure

All product and service prices set forth on our Invoice may be exclusive of any and all taxes or governmental fees, including, but not limited to, Sales and Use Tax.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to self-assess and/or pay any and all such taxes and fees associated with the order, whether or not they are stated on our invoices.  

If the Customer is considered Tax Exempt for the products and services listed on an Invoice, the Customer must provide CCI with a valid Tax Exemption or Resale Certificate before the order is placed.

The Customer should refer to the Sales and Use Tax section on their State Government’s Website or contact their State Department of Revenue with any questions regarding their tax responsibility and liability for the product they are purchasing from Conductive Containers, Inc.

If not supplying CCI with a valid Tax Exemption/Resale Certificate, the Customer agrees to indemnify Conductive Containers, Inc. of any liability for their taxes and governmental fees in connection with this order.