Thermoformed Flex Circuit Package | Custom


Thermoformed Anti-Static Flex Circuit Shippers are both ESD safe and physically protective for fragile and static sensitive parts.  Flex circuitry presents a unique packaging challenge in fragility and static sensitivity. CCI’s Thermoformed Anti-Static Flex Circuit Shippers solves that problem.

When parts are outside ESD areas use a static shielding container, CCI’s thermoformed anti-static flex circuit shippers answer the call.  A shielding box in an uncontrolled area keeps static charges out of the box and away from the sensitive contents.

Flex circuitry shippers require the plastic insert in an ESD safe material. We then provide an exact fit for the board and attached flex circuit. Reuse or long term storage requires CCI’s permanent ESD safe thermoformed containers. CCI can provide a range of materials beyond foam to cushion the flex circuit and provide static protection.  

For maximum cleanliness and low FOD static protection a thermoformed design is ideal for a Flex Circuit shipper. CCI designs thermoformed inserts for either long term or short term use, handling and shipping. 

CCI designs shippers that excel at meeting the challenge of exactly fitting flex circuitry, cushioning the product and providing the correct static protection.

Call CCI today for the best solution to shipping sensitive circuitry in ESD safe packaging.