Fiber Optics Package | Custom


Fiber optics static protection relies on static shielding. This means clean (low FOD) and provides an exact fit for the fiber and the component attached.

In addition, fiber optics packaging requires a circular channel which fits the length of fiber in a coil fashion and a pocket or pockets for the components. The cleaner the package, the more pure it maintains the fiber and components. Also, debris can contaminate and reduce speed that is so crucial to fiber optics.

Normally, attached components are static sensitive and typically high value. Ideally, fiber optics packaging is a Corstat shielding mailer with a thermoformed permanent static dissipative insert to fit the exact coil diameter and the component size and shape. The right diameter design assures that the fiber does not kink or get tangled in shipping.

Additionally, fiber optics volume is low. CCI manufactures clean, permanent ESD safe foams die cut to assure and exact fit inside Corstat mailers. This solution avoids tooling and provides a quick turnaround time.

Whether thermoformed or die cut foam, CCI provides the correct static safe design for fiber optics static protection.