Shadow Board | Custom


ESD Tool Shadow Trays are necessary in a static safe handling area (ESDA) to be able to ground a charge. Often the parts in an assembly area are not static sensitive. However handling tools with ESD safe principles is still important. Tools are one such item. Just because they are not sensitive to static does not mean they will not carry a charge.

For handling tools in an ESD safe area Conductive Containers can provide ESD Tool shadow trays that exactly fit your workstation and the tools required. This creates a tool tracking and organizing system that is compliant with 5S and ESD rules.

Conductive Containers takes your specific tool layouts  by a tracking or photo and produces a CAD file for a shadow tray for the tools to be used. CCI makes the trays of a permanent dissipative crosslink foam backed by a blue color contrasting dissipative plastic base. ESD tool shadow trays offer organization to a work station that complies with ESD requirements. ESD Tool Shadow Trays also make storage simple. Simple put the tools where they belong. Stack and store – all in an ESD compliant solution.

For applications requiring entirely plastic trays- CCI can provide 3D printed static safe trays or thermoformed shadow trays to meet your specifications.

Also, users experience a big cost savings in labor reduction due to the organization and access to the required tools. Contact CCI today about custom ESD Tool Shadow Trays. One of our ESD and anti-static representatives will make the process easy for you.