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ESD safe tote accessories from Conductive Containers are available for Corstat totes or a Durastat totes. Modify your totes to fit your ESD needs.

Accessories include conductive injection molded or thermoformed handles. Choose between open hand hole cover designs and closed handles. CCI offers both external handles and internal handles, depending on space requirements.

Static safe document holders are key to providing a safe way to handle paperwork associated with the contents of the tote. For an economical solution our standard static dissipative adhesive back document holders can be applied to any tote. For permanent static dissipative document handling that will last years, CCI offers Kleanstat Flex document holders that are durable and will not lose their ESD properties.

The proper foam cushion is important to finishing the tote design. For reusable applications CCI recommends permanent conductive foams in either our Softstat urethanes or our crosslink polyethylenes. CCI will also provide pink foams but we caution that pink foams have a shelf life and need to be monitored. Pink foams can become insulators and generate a static charge.

If you have a special design requirement, CCI will create the ESD safe tote accessories to handle your needs.

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4101, 4102-10, 4102-5, DH4021, DH4021KS, DH4022, DH4022KS, DH4023, DH4023KS, DH4025, DH4025KS