Thermoformed PCB Tray | Custom


ESD safe PCB trays make handling static sensitive circuit boards many times during the production and assembly process easy. Because they are handled frequently, it is impractical to store boards in static shielding bags. The bags can damage the boards and are labor intensive.

The solution to handling PCBs in assembly can often be a thermoformed tray which is designed to fit one or many boards with an exact fit. Depending on board size the tray could be designed for horizontal or vertical holding of the board. Thermoformed trays can also be easily fitted to robotic pick and place systems.

Thermoforming provides the advantage of an exact fit and clean, FOD free handling of boards in a labor efficient manner. CCI can provide any size or shape tray to handle any board or combination of boards. A tray can be designed for use with an number of board sizes in a family.

When designing CCI takes in account the ESD requirements, the longevity of the application, and the requirements for cleaning the tray. Once these details are known CCI will recommend the correct material type, from an array of stocked, certified ESD safe materials.

Beyond using the correct material, CCI will fit the tray size and features to the handling system and shipping needs. ESD safe PCB Trays can be stackable or nestable and the lot size can be fitted to the customer’s needs.