Corstat Trays For LED Boards


Corstat Trays For LED Boards offer excellent design flexibility for handling and storing a wide variety of LED board sizes. Whether you are storing a large board or a microscopic chip, Conductive Containers has the solution. Corstat orders commonly come with slotted ESD foam and permanently conductive stackable tray materials. Additionally, stackable Corstat Trays for LED Boards store easily. For long term storage, Corstat LED trays come standard permanently ESD safe.

Corstat’s design offers a unique advantage in physical LED protection. Corstat offers affordability with a build of permanently ESD safe corrugated extrusion and permanent superior cushioning ESD safe foam. Kleanstat can be added as a tray liner offering permanent FOD Free, ESD safe cushioning. Additionally, Kleanstat offers a better physical protection than most foam.  LED boards require a highly sensitive storage environment.  Corstat exceeds those standards in every way.

LED boards are static sensitive and FOD sensitive and come in a wide variety of sizes. The design constraints present a challenging material handling and packaging issue. Corstat can be made to match the part, unlike standard injection molded totes.  KleanStat protects in handling by using formed slots gently.  KleanStat retains ESD protection and is FOD free.  Finally, the reusability and adjustability of the design is an economical per usage solution.

Corstat trays offer a better solution in ESD, FOD and storage. Finally, on a per use cost, Corstat totes are a very economical solution to ESD problems.  Contact one of Conductive Container’s many ESD experts today and start cutting the cost of bad boards.